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What did we do already? Sorted alphabetically.

    1C + AD + LDAP in the portal for «YOUR».

    1C + AD + LDAP in the portal for «YOUR».

  • 1C 7.7 (there is no embedded exchange, it is necessary to write integration from scratch) — b2b-portal «Interpresent», the shops «2kSport» and «Italbazar»
  • 1C: ZUP (1C: Salary) + AD — many corporate portals (YOUR, TSUM, «MezhregionEnergosbyt», «ATS-Energo» etc.)
  • 1C: ERP — holding «Cable Alliance»
  • Read more about all cases of integration with 1C.

  • Amadeus (booking system for travel agencies) — ERV
  • A&A — program for fitness clubs (CRM for PRO-Trener)
  • AXAPTA + Bitrix in the store «TheHome24» («Felix Furniture»).

    AXAPTA + Bitrix in the store «TheHome24» («Felix Furniture»).

    AD (Active Directory) — almost all corporate portals (view sample)
  • Asterisk (front — FreePBX) (IP-telephony) — our Intranet, corporate portals Ekleft, «STS Capital»
  • AXAPTA (Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009) — LC for Caesar Satellite, eCommerce for Rostelecom and TheHome24
  • ASystem (printing company management system) — printing house «Cityprint»
  • Elastic Search (search engine) — in eCommerce WER.ru
  • ERP: Customer’s self-written resource management and production system. Co-creation API and building exchange in Kamea Studio online jewelry boutique
  • HansaWorld (Swedish ERP + CRM-system) — integrated into the eCommerce project Ozzi
  • Ralf Ringer integrated with Lamoda.

    Ralf Ringer integrated with Lamoda and Loymax.

    HH.ru, Job.ru: job search sites — corporate portal «Belagro»
  • Lamoda fulfillment + Loymax (loyalty program) — Shop Ralf Ringer
  • Milestone (video surveillance service) — corporate brand portal YOUR
  • MSSQL (Integration with other sites, non-Bitrix) — «Photolab» (cross authorization + MSSQL)
  • RetailCRM — online shopping HumanPark, SweetSecrets
  • Sphinx (search engine) — in b2b-solution inFormat
  • TradeX — online store Marella (MaxMara brand)
  • XML: 7 (seven) product parsers and merging into one large directory on the site PrimeSV
  • RetailCRM, MoySklad and 3 more integration in the «HumanPark».

    RetailCRM, MoySklad and 3 more integration in the «HumanPark».

    Euroset (points of issue for online stores) — voentorg «Arsenal»
  • Master Tour (tour accounting system) — site Multituru
  • MoySklad — Capsula, HumanPark, «Green Ball»
  • Sail — b2b-portal for dealers Cordiant
  • Data Bus — Project «Дом.РФ »
  • Electronic digital signature (digital signature) — portal «National box office»

General integration algorithm with an external system

1. Design. The Terms of Reference describe the exchange protocol, the format of files or data, the response of systems to errors, and logging (data exchange log).

2. We independently or together with the Customer’s specialists exchange data in a test environment. We are debugging this process.

3. Finally, we introduce into the combat environment and conduct test operation. Upon delivery, we supply the Client with detailed documentation.

DevOps and highload

We have our own DevOps engineers: we will build the optimal update deployment scheme, configure the cluster, and conduct load testing. And after the launch of the project, we will provide 24/7 supervision.

When are we most effective?

  • Need a contractor with a large team in the office (inhouse)
  • there should be a profile integration experience with your system
  • you need a lot of competencies at once: the whole development cycle, 1C, DevOps, marketing, consulting
  • you need to start under the guarantee letter or give people to outstaff
  • for a number of works, you need not only 'hands', but also 'head', that is, analytics and consulting

  • Average integration cost:
    $2 500 — $50 000
  • Development time:
    3 — 15 weeks
Achievements and ratings

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Specialist rates

Front-end: $25

Back-end: $25 (PHP), $35 (JAVA, C#), $35 (Ruby, Python)

Analytics: $35 — $45

Mobile: $30

Design: $25 (designer), $35 (Art Director)

DevOps: $30

Testing: $20