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Адрес: Derbenevskaya street, 20, 115114 115114 Moscow,
Телефон:+7 495 995–23–37, Электронная почта: info@extyl-pro.ru
Every day from 9:30 till 20
Creation of sites and portals
  • Website development 5708
  • Website development 5709
  • Website development 5710

Premium design, PHP technology platform (Bitrix or Laravel), adaptive layout and lifetime warranty. Cost — from $10 000.

  • eCommerce production 5711
  • eCommerce production 5712
  • eCommerce production 5713

Online store is no longer just a website. We consider such projects as the investment of our customers.
  In addition, we have our own projects, which is why we have the expertise to fulfillment - that is, the complete conduct of the turnkey store business, when the Client is only required to ship goods from the warehouse.
The cost of an online store: $20 000 — $180 000, production time — 4-8 months.

  • Mobile app production 5720
  • Mobile app production 5721
  • Mobile app production 5722

We’ll create a native or hybrid mobile application by connecting it to the site or the accounting systems of the Customer.
From $10 000.

  • b2b solutions 5714
  • b2b solutions 5715
  • b2b solutions 5716

b2b-portals — systems of interaction between the Customer and his clients, in fact, the same online store or Personal account, but equipped with complex business functions. For example, the debit of the counterparty, online reconciliation (accounting debt), integration not only with 1C, but also with the customer’s ERP-system or similar to it, displaying many warehouses, as well as the presence of goods «in transit».

  • Intranet solutions 5717
  • Intranet solutions 5718
  • Intranet solutions 5719

Intranet is a means of combining all data in a company, as well as automating its business processes. The studio is engaged in the implementation of «1C-Bitrix: Corporate Portal» — the leader in its segment at the present time.
Implementation cost — from $30,000;

  • Personal area solutions 5723
  • Personal area solutions 5724
  • Personal area solutions 5725

We will design a private office for your service. Make integration with external systems and devices: through queries or a queue server. We will adapt to your API or write our own. Built-in architecture to withstand thousands of calls per hour.

  • Industry solutions: fintech, government, medicine 5726
  • Industry solutions: fintech, government, medicine 5727
  • Industry solutions: fintech, government, medicine 5728

For fintech:
- Highly loaded JAVA solutions with a dedicated development team, including outstaff

For medical organizations:
- create a portal with personal accounts or an internal portal of the organization
- we will ensure compliance with FZ-152 for personal data up to class 1 (FSTEC FSB certification).

For government sites:
- we will make a portal with documentation according to Government standarts and a version for visually impaired

Website maintenance: support, refinement and promotion
  • Technical support, consulting and DevOps 5729
  • Technical support, consulting and DevOps 5730
  • Technical support, consulting and DevOps 5731

Technical support of the site is one of the key services of the company.

Response to online requests, monthly site audit, site and server software update - we accompany and develop all types of web-systems: sites, portals, mobile applications.

Round-the-clock support / monitoring of sites with SLA, response 15 minutes.

Total volume of shipments - up to 2000 hours per month per client.

Consulting and analytics is $50 per hour. Outstaff is possible.

  • Advertising and performance marketing 5738
  • Advertising and performance marketing 5739
  • Advertising and performance marketing 5740

We will build a strategy for brand and resource promotion, including all possible channels: online (context, SEO, SMM, work with reputation) and offline (outdoor, TV, radio). We will select the optimal ratio by channel, based on customer objectives and industry statistics (BigData).

  • Non-standard integration 1C-Bitrix 5732
  • Non-standard integration 1C-Bitrix 5733
  • Non-standard integration 1C-Bitrix 5734

It often happens that the standard integration with 1C or several payment systems/delivery, which are built into Bitrix, is not enough. And it is necessary to build data exchange with any system of the Customer. We specialize in this.

  • Audit and eye tracking research 5735
  • Audit and eye tracking research 5736
  • Audit and eye tracking research 5737

We will conduct testing + audit of your site, and if necessary — a full-fledged marketing research.
Within the framework of the audit of 5-8 days, we investigate the errors of the site, the speed of the resource under load and without, security (including bookmarks of programmers) and usability (ease of use and conversion) of the site.
In addition, we can conduct eye tracking research to determine the advantages and disadvantages of competitors’ sites and your site through the eyes of real users.


Hosting on its own servers of the company «Extyl-PRO», systems of any type on the platform Bitrix. Servers are located in Russia and Germany, server settings (LAMP-environment: PHP, MySQL, Apache, Linux) are specially optimized for maximum performance of sites with Bitrix systems.
Extyl-PRO is the recommended hosting 1C-Bitrix.

  • Training and Qualification Center 5741
  • Training and Qualification Center 5742
  • Training and Qualification Center 5743

The company has opened its own training and development center, in which either individually or in small groups training in administration and development of Bitrix-systems is conducted.

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Specialist rates

Front-end: $25

Back-end: $25 (PHP), $35 (JAVA, C#), $35 (Ruby, Python)

Analytics: $35 — $45

Mobile: $30

Design: $25 (designer), $35 (Art Director)

DevOps: $30

Testing: $20