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What do we customize with integration? How is uploading from 1C to the site?

1. We export all nomenclature or a part. Then we export properties, characteristics and photos of the goods. Next come the price types and stock availability. At the same time, some of the properties can be maintained in 1C (prices and availability), and some of the properties can be updated on the website - and they will not be overwritten and interfere with each other.

2. Then we update discounts and even goods in the opposite direction (established in Bitrix). For example, you can parse goods from a third-party site, and then they themselves will go to 1C.

3. Bilateral exchange of orders from the site or online store right in 1C. Even if the order is created offline in the store and opened in 1C, it will be updated in the user's personal account in the store!

4. Exchange of orders also implies the exchange of statuses. If the order is paid or changed in one system, it will be reflected in the other.

5. Buyers and counterparties are likewise synchronized between the two systems. Your customers from 1C already will be in Bitrix.

6. Exchange technology. We implement Real-Time exchange: it happens all the time and by itself, without requiring a manager or pressing the “refresh” button.

Cases non-standard integration with 1C:

Online store Artlight

The company produces light constructions that vary in type, color, purpose, power, etc. All these properties are stored in 1C in the "characteristics" (sales offers). In 1C, it is problematic to build a tree of folders and we took into account when integrating that we need to view the “destination” parameter and put the goods into the corresponding catalog folders on the site. The result: a convenient menu that the user understands and speeds up the directory operation.

Case online store Gracy

Online store «Gracy»

Online store «Gracy»

At first, we finalized 1C: now it takes suppliers' price lists from the mail, processes them and updates the nomenclature. Depending on the supplier and the type of product, we set different markups on products in order to get prices for IM. Then the manager checks the correctness of the update and only after that the nomenclature is uploaded to the site.

Later, they improved the functionality for the semi-automatic addition of new suppliers and their price lists.

Great Russia: data migration «Old site - 1C - new site»

It was a website redesign, which means data migration. The difficulty was that the client's base of goods on the site was more relevant than in 1C.

We exported the database from a self-written CMS to 1C, made sure that no data was lost, and then set up an exchange of 50,000 products. Since there were no categories for the goods, a handler wrote on the side of the site, which, according to the “Sections on the site” property, sorts the goods into categories.

Additionally, we implemented several warehouses and price types (by region).

b2b solution for the Cable Alliance holding: integration with 1C: ERP (150,000 products)

b2b-portal of the holding «Cable Alliance»

b2b-portal of the holding «Cable Alliance»

There were several difficulties on the project at once: non-standard 1C: ERP without documentation on revisions, the lack of direct access to it and a huge array of goods (150 thousand items).

Despite this, we implemented several non-standard solutions:

  • Uploading a catalog without hierarchy (building a catalog on the site based on the properties of the goods). Two catalogs on the site: "By industry" and "By appointment";

  • Three-level structure of the catalog: Brand - Markorazmer - the offer. Binding marks to markrazmer external codes. Note that the standard 1C unloading does not support this;

  • Upload to the site of two logically separated directories: Main and Sale, combining the balances of two information blocks in the product card;

  • Unloading 1C client managers;

  • Downloading the product winding standards manual (more than 1 million records) - for the delivery calculator in ordering;

  • Unloading the directory of drums (reference book of numbers of released cable reels) (more than 1 million records) - to check the authenticity of the purchased products;

  • Exchange orders (non-standard - many additional properties of the goods and the buyer-legal entity)

ATS-Energo corporate portal: integration with 1С: ZUP and Active Directory

Intranet for «ATS-Energo»

Intranet for «ATS-Energo»

  • Unloading a directory of employees and org structure for two companies - that is, from two different 1C: ZUP. Combining user profiles AD and 1C: ZUP e-mail, as the only key.

  • Unloading data on vacation, unloading payment sheets

  • Uploading reports to employees (according to the staff schedule, on holidays)

  • Uploading data from the VHI program (modified module on the 1C side)

If you need integration with other systems

View our collection of integrations, we have collected more than 20 cases of various systems.

What versions of 1C synchronization is supported?

By default - with all versions of the 8 (eighth) platform, however, we synchronized with the old 1C 7.7 versions (and moreover, modified). An example of such work on the link. Configurations are supported by a variety of: Trade Management, ERP, Small Firm Management, Integrated Automation, Manufacturing Enterprise Management, etc.).

How much is the integration of the site and 1C and how long to implement?
If you already have an online store, the cost of implementation will be $760 - $3 000 and 2-3 weeks in time. We use a secure exchange technology - the site will continue to operate normally.

And how much is the integration of 1C and Bitrix24?
Such integration will be free for you when you buy or renew Bitrix24 (through us), separately - about $760 - $1 500.

If you do not have an online store yet - fill out an application , we will make it and configure 1C for you.
  • Cost of setting up integration with 1C:
    $800 — $10 000
  • Timing:
    1 — 8 weeks
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Specialist rates

Front-end: $25

Back-end: $25 (PHP), $35 (JAVA, C#), $35 (Ruby, Python)

Analytics: $35 — $45

Mobile: $30

Design: $25 (designer), $35 (Art Director)

DevOps: $30

Testing: $20