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What is the difference between b2b solutions and regular online stores?

b2b portal for Cordiant dealers

b2b-portal for Cordiant dealers.

b2b-portals — systems of interaction between the Customer and his clients. In fact — an online store or personal account, but equipped with sophisticated business functions.
For example, debit indebtedness of counterparty, online reconciliation (accounting debt), integration with 1C, SAP or AXAPTA, display of multiple warehouses or availability of goods "on the way".

Such systems are designed individually for Customer's business processes : a pre-project study is conducted first (under the guidance of a business analyst, a project manager and a technical director), and only then a cost estimate is prepared and a system is designed.
b2b are gaining popularity over the past 5 years: why not, human resources savings and growth opportunities — in one product

Non-standard functions of b2b-systems

    Personal prices and purchase of size rows in the b2b-project 'Yuna Style'.

    Personal prices and purchase of size rows in the b2b-project 'Yuna Style'.

  • Personal prices — for each client their own set of prices, discounts, markups
  • Automatic calculation of discounts depending on purchases in the past month or quarter
  • The ability to quickly set up purchases for articles (manually or from an Excel file) and automatically place an order for such a list of goods
  • Wholesale units: pallets, boxes, barrels, etc. (for example, as on http://7s7.ru/ )
  • Multiple orders at the same time — multiple parallel baskets
  • Separation of access rights — work under one company on behalf of several managers + personal account of the director of such a company (all orders are visible)
    Personal account for Caesar Satellite customers with shared access.

    Personal account for Caesar Satellite customers with shared access.

  • Deferred payment (credit limit)
  • Postpay and prepay — depending on different factors, different for different customers
  • Automatic generation of invoices, TTN, contracts, acts


Look our case for "Dominants"  — sales management of advertising structures.
b2b system for ordering electrical engineering, the company Elevel
Integration with AXAPTA: Personal account per 100,000 users of Caesar Satellite.
Portal SportMag  — more than 2000 registered companies.
International Exhibition Portal ExpoClub (Negus Expo).


Already at the start of the project, we introduce the customer to the team. Typical composition: project manager, analyst, technical writer, 1-3 programmers, designer, technologist and 1-2 QA-specialist. As usual, all this is supported by top management: technical and account directors.
The manager is the central part of the project:
remembers everything, is responsible for everything and stays with you
with the further development of the project.

Production: development scheme, version control, autotests.

In the process of writing a terms of reference, we form the scheme of blocks of a site with dependencies: this allows programming in stages, as well as giving parallel tasks to programmers.

Using a version control system for a project, you can put several programmers at once, and their changes are easy to track. The same technology is used in further support site.

When you submit a project, we use both automatic and manual testing to provide for everything. Download a sample report about testing the site.

Technologies and frameworks

Personal account PROTrener by Extyl-PRO

Personal account CRM + ERP PROTrener (Laravel, 2018)

Web: PHP (1C-Bitrix, Laravel, Symfony, YII, ZEND), Java2EE, ASP.net (C #), Ruby, Python.

Mobile: SWIFT, Objective C, java, React.

Testing: Jenkins, Selenium, Cucumber, Calabash, JUnit, Allure.

Website integration with 1C and other systems

An example of complex integration with 1C: ERP - the site of the holding 'Cable Alliance'

An example of complex integration with 1C: ERP — holding site 'Cable Alliance'

At this stage, we are working with the Customer's IT service: we are developing an exchange API, designing data exchange channels. Result: one- or two-way exchange with 1C, ERP, AXAPTA, SAP and another 20+ lesser-known accounting and automation systems.

Here we described integration cases with 1C, and here is a list of integrations with other systems.

Support and maintenance

Extyl - rates

After delivery, we support the project using Jenkins for continuous integration — continuous update shipping, and GIT for version control.

DevOps and highload

We have our own DevOps engineers: we will build the optimal update deployment scheme, configure the cluster, and conduct load testing. And after the launch of the project, we will provide 24/7 supervision.

What stand out

Creation of sites with ISO 9001: 2015 certification

Quality standards. In 2018 we confirmed the quality management standards: we are certified according to ISO 9001: 2015 (certificate) and ISO 27001: 2005 (information security management).

Transparency of development. Clients see Studio employees in our Intranet system and communicate with them directly. The agreements are fixed in the tasks, the information is not lost (unlike mail or phone).

Warranty period. We provide an unlimited guarantee for work, the specialists will give you free advice on the administration and further development of the project.

When are we most effective?

  • Need a quick launch of an application to test a business hypothesis
  • the application is integrated with several systems at once, and not everyone has documentation
  • need a large advertising campaign and comprehensive service
  • for a number of works, you need not only 'hands', but also 'head', that is, analytics and consulting

  • Average project cost:
    $30 000 — $300 000
  • Development time:
    4 — 8 months
Achievements and ratings
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Specialist rates

Front-end: $25

Back-end: $25 (PHP), $35 (JAVA, C#), $35 (Ruby, Python)

Analytics: $35 — $45

Mobile: $30

Design: $25 (designer), $35 (Art Director)

DevOps: $30

Testing: $20