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How do we create websites?

We create websites according to the regulations. General development plan:

  1. ?
    Conclusion of a contract

    We will sign a contract, estimate and work schedule.

    Conclusion of a contract
  2. 80%
    Terms of Reference and Prototypes

    We carry out analytics, create prototypes, write technical specifications. Customer Involvement — 80% (relative measure of how much time is needed project).

    • Eye-tracking

      Let's conduct an eye-tracking study of the current project.

    • Analytics

      In the course of analytics, we create a Customer Journey Map, then we create prototypes for it (example).

    • Technical task

      We write the technical task, without forgetting about test cases and documentation.

  3. 60%
    Design, graphics and animation.

    We draw layouts, animation and interactive. Customer Involvement - 60%

    • Integration with Customer's accounting system

      (1C, AXAPTA, SAP, etc.)

      We carry out in parallel with the design stage. Read more

    • Design of main and inner pages

      With corporate identity and mood maps (read below).

    • Testing of mockups
      for completeness and compliance with the technical specifications

      Also draw a UI-kit (example).

    • Act on design

      We transfer source codes and intellectual rights to the Customer.

  4. 10%
    Layout and front-end programming

    We impose adaptive, we use bootstrap, angular, css-preprocessors Less, Sass, html-preprocessor Jade, and also Gulp as a collector.

    Layout and front-end programming
    • Writing Technical Specifications
      on layout

      We describe the animation, pop-ups and all visual effects.

    • Testing

      We test desktop and mobile versions in all browsers.

  5. 10%

    Programming the backend and control panels (if this is not Bitrix).

    • Version Control System

      We work through GIT, we store repositories in Bitbucket.

    • Intermediate Testing

      We divide the project into blocks in queues, test each queue separately.

  6. ?

    State testers, Selenium autotests and transparent development on our Intranet allow you to submit projects quickly.

    • Documentation

      We write PMI, user manual and administrator, and even emergency plans.

  7. 20%

    According to the regulations, we transfer the site to the Client’s server, perform the latest settings, open robots.txt for indexing.

    • Warranty

      Lifetime warranty on work.

    • Act of completion of work

      Sign documents and solemnly publish the case.

    • Development

      We will help to scale for greater load.

    • Technical support and improvements

      By the hour or deposit, from $25 per hour.

    • Contests

      We will publish your site at the competition, if you do not mind.


Already at the start of the project, we introduce the Customer to the team. Typical staff: project manager, analyst, 1-3 programmers, art director, designer and a 1-2 QA specialist. As usual, all this is supported by top management: technical and account directors.
The manager is the central part of the project:
remembers everything, is responsible for everything and remains with you
with the further development of the project.

Terms of Reference and Prototypes

We interview the customer’s workgroup, collect briefs and communicate with the customer’s IT service. From this work, a technical assignment is born: the document on which the site will be submitted. We also render - draw interactive prototypes of the future site.


We start drawing the design with a mood map. This is a set of elements, styles, fonts: they are worked out and selected by our experts. They help evaluate the style of the future design.

In parallel, a team of analysts is studying competitor sites using exclusive technologies, such as eye-tracking ( what is it? ).

When the layouts are ready, we test them for compliance with the terms of reference and completeness of the drawing, and also we do the UI-kit: this is a set of auxiliary elements that are not obvious on the layouts. On the right is an example of such a layout.

Stack of tools: Figma, Sketch, Photoshop.

Development: normal, urgent and agile

Development is carried out on one of three methodologies:

Website creation TopGun Barbershop by Extyl-PRO

The best franchise website is TopGun Barbershop .

— Classic. This is a consistent development model: TK, prototypes, design, layout, programming, 2 test cycles and delivery.

Example: TopGun Barbershop site . Launched the project for 4 months.

— Urgent. Here the stages go in parallel, for example, having drawn only the main page of the site, we already give it to the layout. Or put half the layouts — start their implementation. Allows you to save time twice, but also costs 50-100% more expensive.

Example: Sistema Capital (“Sistema Sistema”) - parallel website development and personal account + parallel execution of work stages (2 and 3 months, respectively, for the site and LK).

— Agile. Flexible methodology, ideal for corporate portals, where it is more correct to approve and do one task at a time, than to design for half a year what will be outdated by the time of approval. Agile consists of weekly sprints, and every week you can manage the development and change the vector of development of the project.

Example: “Thank you from Sberbank” - 2 months of initial development and further gradual incorporation of new partners of the bank.

Integration of the site with 1C and other systems

An example of a complex integration with 1C: ERP is the website of the Holding Cable Alliance                     

An example of complex integration with 1C: ERP - holding site " Cable Alliance "                     


At this stage, we are working with the IT service of the Customer: we are developing an exchange API, designing data exchange channels. The result: a one- or two-way exchange with 1C, ERP, AXAPTA, SAP and another 20+ lesser-known accounting and automation systems.


Here here we described integration cases with 1C, and here - a list of integrations with other systems.

Production: development scheme, version control, autotests.

In the process of writing the terms of reference, we form the scheme of site blocks with dependencies: this allows programming in stages, and also giving parallel tasks to programmers.

Using a version control system for a project, you can put several programmers at once, and their changes are easy to track. The same technology is used in further site support.

When you submit a project, we use both automatic and manual testing to provide for everything. Download a sample report about testing a site.

Support and maintenance

Extyl - rates in rubles

We have five testers in the state who check the work both manually and through automated tests. What is important, we do this not at the end of the entire project, but at the end of each weekly stage, which provides control over the time frame.

DevOps and highload

We have our own DevOps engineers: we will build the optimal update deployment scheme, configure the cluster, and conduct load testing. And after the launch of the project, we will provide 24/7 supervision.

What stand out

Creation of sites with ISO 9001: 2015 certification

Quality standards. In 2018 we confirmed the quality management standards: we are certified according to ISO 9001: 2015 (certificate) and ISO 27001: 2005 (information security management).

Transparency of development. Clients see Studio employees in our Intranet system and communicate with them directly. Agreements are fixed in tasks, information is not lost (unlike mail or phone).

Warranty period. We provide a termless guarantee for work, the specialists will give you free advice on the administration and further development of the project.

When are we most effective?

  • the site is technically not complicated, but you need a "wow effect": complex animation or 3D
  • the site is integrated with several systems at once, and not everyone has documentation
  • on the site right now / there will be high loads (from 10,000 visitors per day) and everything should work quickly
  • for a number of works, you need not only “hands”, but also “head”, that is, analytics and consulting

  • Development cost:
    $10 000 — $70 000
  • Timing:
    2 — 6 months
Achievements and ratings
Make a request
Specialist rates

Front-end: $25

Back-end: $25 (PHP), $35 (JAVA, C#), $35 (Ruby, Python)

Analytics: $35 — $45

Mobile: $30

Design: $25 (designer), $35 (Art Director)

DevOps: $30

Testing: $20