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A task

In the shortest possible time, a unique project was developed for the participants of the “Thank you from Sberbank” program.


The project was implemented in 6 weeks, during which time all the work was done from layout to integration.


An adaptive site has been developed with a convenient menu for navigating the catalog and searching for events by type or date. A coupon generator for working with suppliers was created, and events were integrated with the parter.ru service.

«Спасибо от Сбербанка. Впечатления» project

We faced two main tasks: the quality and safety of the Thank you from Sberbank service. In particular, server stability when sending to several million recipients (with corresponding traffic).

How did we achieve this?

  • Selection and configuration of the server by the staff administrator of the Studio
  • Refactoring and optimizing the code of Bitrix components without changing the kernel (Bitrix is updated correctly)
  • Optimization of API exchange with Sberbank partners (joint work with partner IT-services)

Project innovation

  • Integration with SMS services and the Customer’s payment gateway, not a ready-made solution, but a custom one - by API (why by API: debiting can be in rubles or “Thank you” points);
  • Authorization on the site through the Customer’s API via SMS;
  • White label integration with Sberbank partner - Parter.ru
  • Integration with the Kassir.ru service - exchange of tickets in one direction and status of orders in the other
  • Integration with Giftery's Online Corporate Gift Solution Platform - Similar Entities
Client Review
ПАО «Сбербанк» благодарит студию «Экстил-ПРО» за плодотворное взаимовыгодное сотрудничество, партнёрские отношения и высокий профессионализм!
Отзыв от ПАО «Сбербанк» responses
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