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Non-standard introduction of online payments and auto-payments

    Integration of Millikart acquiring service for Ozzi eCommerce project

    Integration of Millikart acquiring service for Ozzi eCommerce project.

  • Ozzi by Italdesign (Millikart API)
    Integrated with the payment system Millikart by api. Since the finished module was not - they wrote their own. There was no API documentation and we had to figure it out in English, since The customer is from Azerbaijan and accordingly the acquiring is also.Project case.
  • Thanks from Sberbank (Sberbank payment gateway + CFT-Loyalty)
    Made non-standard API integration with the Sberbank payment gateway.
    After selecting goods and switching to payment, the online store sends the number and composition of orders to the payment gateway (Internet acquiring) and redirects the customer to the payment gateway payment window.
    Website creation Thank you from Sberbank by Extyl-PRO

    Sites for «Thank you from Sberbank»

    Customer enters card number and CVV2.
    The payment gateway determines that the card participates in the program according to the BIN table (special numbers).
    If the card participates in the program «Thank you from Sberbank», the payment gateway performs a request for information on the card in The «CFT-Loyalty» PC, and on the side of the payment center, the maximum allowable amount to be debited is calculated.
    The client enters the «Thank» discount amount, and the payment gateway returns information about the successful payment to the online store indicating the write-off of «Thank» bonuses and the result of the accrual of bonuses.
    Project case.
  • Personal account for «Caesar Satellite» customers with shared access.

    Personal account for «Caesar Satellite» customers with shared access.

  • Caesar Satellite (Auto Payments: Qiwi, Cyberplat, Rapida)
    Implemented automatic debit of a monthly payment for three acquiring.Project case.

More integration (sorted alphabetically)

  • Official 3M store.
    Delivery module: DPD, payment module: Payture. Project case.
  • Capsula Shop.
    Delivery module: SDEC, payment system: Yandex.Cash. Project case.
  • Online store «Gracy».
    Delivery module: CDEC, Grastin. Payment: WebMoney, QIWI. Project case.
  • Shoe boutique «Porta-L» («Econika»).
    Integration with the delivery service «TopDelivery», PickPoint. Payment via PayU. Project case.
  • The Ralf Ringer shoe store is composite-based.

    Shoe store «Ralf Ringer» (> 5000 orders per month).

  • Ralf Ringer.
    Delivery module: Pickpoint + Lamoda fulfilment. Project case.
  • Online store SweetSecrets
    Delivery module: Shiptor (delivery aggregator Pickpoint, IML, SDEC, Russian Post), payment: Tinkoff and Paypal. Project case.
  • Fishing Academy.
    Delivery: eDost, Russian Post, Boxberry, CDEK, PEC. Payment module: Robokassa. Project case.
  • Online store «Points-Sale».
    Delivery module: CDEC, Boxberry и PonyExpress. Integration with credit service «Tinkoff Bank». Project case.
  • Trading house «Parity».
    Integration with delivery services: Major Express, Business Lines, PEC, Baikal Service.Site.
  • Site «Russian caviar house».
    Delivery module: DHL. Payment: acquiring Sberbank and Paymaster. Project case.

General integration algorithm with an external system

1. Design. The Terms of Reference describe the exchange protocol, the format of files or data, the response of systems to errors, and logging (data exchange log).

2. We independently or together with the Customer’s specialists conduct data exchange in a test environment. We are debugging this process.

3. Finally, we introduce into the combat environment and conduct test operation. Upon delivery, we supply the Client with detailed documentation.

When are we most effective?

  • Need a contractor with a large team in the office (inhouse)
  • there should be a profile integration experience with your system
  • you need a lot of competencies at once: the whole development cycle, 1C, DevOps, marketing, consulting
  • you need to start under the guarantee letter or give people to outstaff
  • for a number of works, you need not only “hands”, but also “head”, that is, analytics and consulting

  • Average integration cost:
    $1 500 — $20 000
  • Development time:
    2 — 10 weeks
Achievements and ratings
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Specialist rates

Front-end: $25

Back-end: $25 (PHP), $35 (JAVA, C#), $35 (Ruby, Python)

Analytics: $35 — $45

Mobile: $30

Design: $25 (designer), $35 (Art Director)

DevOps: $30

Testing: $20