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Back to the brain (thinking) device and how it relates to IT.
This time we will discuss the KPI: they all have them, whether by acts, bills or deadlines for the shipment of works.

The black law of metrics says (for mathematicians - picture below) that for any KPI system there will be such a strategy of behavior (employee) that the KPI in numbers will be executed, but the project (customer) itself will be in the ass (on the negative).

Examples? A manager gets a good commission by knocking out acts even when the work is not done 100% and then freezing customers. Or - making projects in the minus, but on time, because the commission is considered on the acts, not profitability.

However, there is a solution: constantly complicate the KPI. In the case of managers to add profitability, modifiers for customer care and other factors. The main thing is not to try it with negative motivation.

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