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This publication begins a small series of posts about the structure of the brain - and how it relates to software development in general, that is, our work.

According to popular ideas, our thinking consists of two parts:
- the monkey of momentary pleasure. It is used when flipping through the installation tape, social networks, constant checking in the mail and so on. It works on the machine, hardly spends any resources.
- rational type. It is used when it is necessary to make a decision, set priorities, think hard and concentrate in general.
And these two constantly share the remote control of our attention and consciousness.
Constantly use the rational type and think-think-think can not - run out of fuel (as in the car), you get tired and a monkey sits behind the wheel.

What to do? You can effectively adapt to the way our brain - and use it. In the next post we'll tell you how monkey and rational type are connected with prokrastinatsii, why because of the meeting in the middle of the day you may not have time to do any other business, why do things consistently more effective than 10 at once and a lot more. With examples from development, of course.

Stay tuned!

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