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The distance burst into our lives, but we approached the problem systematically: we examined all the resources on the subject, then formed our own regulations and a set of councils.

Let's start with psychological aspects: they are often given low priority, and in vain - your employees and colleagues should feel at work.

Let's go:

    Video. Despite the fact that the best communication takes place in live communication, video communication is the next best in terms of performance, and certainly orders of magnitude better than voice. Require a video connection from your colleagues. Even if you don't have a webcam on your computer, you have it on your phone, right?
    Work clothes and a workplace. In our office, we have tidy workplaces, people working in casual clothes. Nobody sits in pajamas or underwear. Exactly the same must also be on the remote and video (see above), this requirement is very well supported.
    Greetings. When we come to work, we say hello to everyone. So, we should do the same remotely. If there are a lot of people - we divide into chats by departments and say hello there (so as not to sleep on the air).
    Similarly - go to lunch and end of the day.

In future issues we will discuss rituals, reporting and technical aspects.
As usual - write your additions to the comments, the most interesting things will be published.

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DevOps: $30

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