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Part 2. Costs of money for people
Tender specialist receives about 40-70 thousand rubles (about 70 thousand rubles of costs with taxes, if you count the average salary of 55 thousand rubles).
With an appraiser it is more complicated: each tender with proper experience is estimated 1-2 hours, with 150 effective hours per month (we calculate for working days, taking into account holidays and vacation) will be 1.3% of the monthly salary to evaluate one tender. With the right grouping (to evaluate 3-5 tenders at once) you can reduce to 1%/tender.

We do not take into account the labor of the designer (as we consider it unreasonable to draw layouts for free) and do not take into account the cost of courier delivery of documents (as filing on paper is rare).

What else will you need besides a tender specialist and a valuer?
1. Aggregator of bidding. Playgrounds - a few dozen, and the mailing they do so themselves, so you need to get a subscription to a paid service, about 10-15 thousand rubles / year.
2. EDS. It is necessary to take at once tricked out to fit all sites (because there are several types). It is updated every year (~15 thousand rubles per year).
Total per month, taking into account the salary of two specialists higher will get an average of 75 thousand rubles.

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Specialist rates

Front-end: $25

Back-end: $25 (PHP), $35 (JAVA, C#), $35 (Ruby, Python)

Analytics: $35 — $45

Mobile: $30

Design: $25 (designer), $35 (Art Director)

DevOps: $30

Testing: $20