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Despite the fact that everyone has more time (you shouldn't have to go to work!), many still don't have time for all (or nothing at all).
Above, in post 61, we discussed how our brain works: in short, it's okay to save thinking effort and focus as little as possible.

What should we do? We'll start with the basics:

1 Always do only what is written. This means that you must have (always in the morning!) a plan for the day according to which you act. And only as part of that plan.
Note, it does not matter at all whether the plan is given to you or you make it yourself - it must be and you can not add anything to it.
2 How to implement p. 1? First, above is a wonderful screenshot of the instruction, what to do with the mail - like with messengers, turn off all notifications. Set yourself a time to check - say, morning and evening. Whoever needs it urgently - will call in a voice, the rest will wait.

If we try to practice just a little while, doing the tasks that are recorded, we will get the following:

    A task is coming to you. You think: "How important it is! You have to do it right away!"
    You write it down, you cling with your eye to the tasks you've already recorded. They also get their bonus for feeling important, because they get into your brain, and the comparison becomes more honest.
    It may turn out, "Yes, yes, yes, this task is really important, but this one I planned to do before" - and the situation may get a little better.

In a week, we will discuss how else our brains are tricking us. We're waiting for your likes and comments!

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