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redesign of the site of the largest caviar producer in Russia.


created a unique adaptive design for the Premium product presentation. A program for calculating commissions and withdrawing funds has been created for partners. To increase cross sales, a cookbook with recipes based on the products sold is sold.


a modern, beautiful online shop of Premium class has been developed, which not only serves as a showcase, but also supports partners, attracting visitors

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«Russian caviar house» online store project

Ahead of us was set a difficult task - to make an online shop of premium level, with perfect design, customer-friendly structure, technical base, which will ensure stable operation with high attendance provided high quality pictures of the product.

More minimalism. The main protagonist - products!

The choice of colors was made in favor of dark and white colors, plus gold color in the main elements of the interface. Such combination of colors allowed to create an expensive and refined atmosphere.

$20,000 - $50,000

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Specialist rates

Front-end: $25

Back-end: $25 (PHP), $35 (JAVA, C#), $35 (Ruby, Python)

Analytics: $35 — $45

Mobile: $30

Design: $25 (designer), $35 (Art Director)

DevOps: $30

Testing: $20